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    4 minutes read

    15 October 2020

    HH&Y Launches Havas Health CX

    The C19 pandemic has caused immense disruption in every sector, accelerating an already widespread digital migration, dizzying rate of innovation and profound changes in customer behavior. Within health, this transformation has led to emerging methods of providing care, along with significant shifts in patient and provider behaviors and mindsets surrounding new care technologies, digital therapeutics and the process and ways of operating within the broader health industry. 57% of providers view telehealth more favorably than they did before the pandemic, while 64% say they are more comfortable using digital technologies as we move into the future. The growing reliance and popularity of telehealth suggests that as much as $250billion of US care spending could draw from digital and virtual services post-pandemic.

    As these changes alter health systems and ways of interacting with consumers, a deep understanding of data-led experience design becomes a necessity for contemporary health companies. In response to this great need, Havas Health & You (HH&Y) launches Havas Health CX, which taps into 18 major Havas Villages around the world, with key hubs in London, Paris, New York and Mumbai. With a meaningful methodology and human purpose at its core, the Havas Health CX network will tackle the health customer experience beneath three focused brackets: transformation, delivery, and engagement. 

    “Health companies are faced now with an important opportunity to help navigate treatment in an entirely new environment. In just a few months, the industry has accelerated adoption of advanced customer experience design theory, agile and iterative content creation, and hyperpersonalized, omnichannel marketing. Havas Health CX will bring the best thinking from inside and outside of our industry to meet the challenges of our clients.  I believe that a focus on data-led CX can absolutely improve health outcomes, and we’ll be working to prove that out,” said Patrick Thistlethwaite, Managing Director of Havas Health CX.

    Havas Health CX will take advantage of the Group’s Meaningful Brands study of 350,000 consumers, its Prosumer studies, and its X Index (a new barometer for measuring and managing customer experience). Drawing from these propriety insights and tools, the networks will establish a unique ability to view the customer experience from a more holistic, comprehensive and less siloed perspective and heightened experiences.

    “Navigating new ways of operating within the changing health landscape is a primary focus for patients, HCPs and brands,” said Donna Murphy, Global Chief Executive Officer at Havas Health & You. “The Havas CX network allows our clients and partners to tap into leading minds in experience design and strategy, with the ultimate goal of creating more seamless, informative and productive experiences that result in better health outcomes across the board as we leverage the latest in technology and innovation.”

    About Havas Health & You 
    Havas Health & You unites Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Havas Lynx, Havas Life PR and Havas Health Plus, all wholly owned health-and-communications networks, with the consumer health businesses and practices of Havas Creative Group. Its customer-centric approach has the talent, tenacity and technology that health-and-wellness companies, brands and people need to thrive in today’s world. For more information, go to

    About Havas CX
    Havas Health CX is dedicated to optimizing customer experience within the health and wellness space. Utilizing the digital transformation offering by Havas ekino, this group draws on the expertise of the Havas CX network, which brings together more than 1,200 people in 18 major Havas Villages around the world, with key hubs in London, Paris, New York and Mumbai. Committed to delivering meaningful brand experiences across the entire customer journey, Havas Health CX is able to tap into a powerhouse of experts in every area of digital transformation and design, customer experience and customer engagement, eCommerce and much more, to ultimately provide better health outcomes.