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    Lars Bengston

    Chief Content Officer

    Lars is obsessed with good storytelling, and its power to change lives for the better

    Lars comes from the world of VICE Media, where he ran Integrated Marketing (a fancy industry term for connecting the right brands to the right cultural opportunities, across the right platforms) and commercial Publishing for, and from Thrive Global with Arianna Huffington, helping the lives of people and corporations through engaging content that inspires them to take action in service of themselves. All this to say: He is obsessed with good storytelling, and its power to change lives for the better.


    Never has this obsession been as relevant to the health world as it is today. Our post-COVID world has accelerated the need for content to inspire hope and point us in the right direction. HCPs and patients are asking to be reflected in what they are presented with, and seeking content that offers entertainment, education, and inspiration to help make sense of life. As such, good content is a divining rod that points the audience toward a better future.


    This is why the Havas Health Network Content Assembly was formed – a group of multidisciplinary thinkers, creators, and connectors unified under a single goal: to help the health industry recognize and actualize its potential to create meaningful content that helps HCPs and patients on their health journeys. As the industry begins taking on an outsized role in culture, we are there to guide brainstorming, developing, and executing contemporary content with the right stories and the right people, across the right platforms. Havas Health Network’s work is rooted in the belief that good content changes lives, and supporting your audience throughout their health journeys has positive and long-lasting commercial benefits.


    Helping the health industry understand the principles that govern good content creation underscore why Lars came to Havas Health Network, a company comprised of individuals and teams that break new ground and old rules.

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