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    4 minutes read

    10 May 2022

    Havas Health & You Launches Patient Engagement Consultancy

    Havas Voice, Powered by Atlas Health, Identifies the Center of Health Conversations to Elevate Brand Engagement By Activating Authentic Patient Voices

    To drive health and wellness brands towards authentic patient centricity, Havas Health & You (HH&Y) has launched Havas Voice, powered by Atlas Health, a patient engagement consultancy that leverages a first-of-its-kind approach to pinpoint sources of health influence in real time and allow companies and brands to put patients at the center of the customer experience. The Atlas Health platform identifies influential and engaged patients through proprietary AI-enabled conversational analysis to assist brands in forming relationships with leading individuals and tracking their own proximity to relevant conversations. Armed with this wisdom, brands can hone their strategic goals, content, creative, and communications to better meet the needs of the patient community.

    Patients are looking to the wisdom of other patients in online communities as a source of credible health information, and these trusting patient communities seem to contrast how patients perceive pharma. The 2018 Aurora Project Patient-Centric Benchmark Survey showed over a range of issues that 30% of patients were less enthusiastic than pharma was in relation to its performance, and 69% of pharma employees felt that they needed training on how to be more patient-centric. With soaring health literacy and heightened awareness of the industry as a whole because of the pandemic, health companies need to establish footholds in key conversations to bridge that disconnect – which is what Havas Voice aims to help them do.

    “Patients don’t have ‘journeys.’ That is just industry jargon,” noted John Ponsoll, Managing Director at Havas Voice. “Patients have lives. If our only point of view about their life is how they consume healthcare – and our messaging hinges only on that – we are missing the point. We must fundamentally change our approach and infuse their wisdom into the heart of our collective efforts. It’s not enough for health brands to talk at patients; we need to start talking with them and re-imagine our engagement so that patients are truly at the center.”

    Havas Voice conducts continuous, real-time analysis on individual issue areas to create new opportunities for brands – either directly with Atlas-defined patient influencers and communities, or using these insights to augment other digital and omnichannel efforts. Coupled with powerful creative content and expert engagement from the Havas Voice consultancy and HH&Y at large, Havas Voice will help brands to radically shift their campaigns and work to elevate the patient voice alongside their own and deepen their human purpose with their customers. By identifying not only the center of health conversations but also a brands’ proximity to it, Havas Voice helps companies meet consumers where they are with accurate, patient-informed content and a call to action.

    “Authentic patient influencers are connected to their communities in ways we are just beginning to understand – they want to hear from each other, and the real advocates are connected to trials, researchers and advocacy groups. These patient influencers have established credibility – far more than a celebrity spokesperson would,” emphasized Jeff Hoffman, partner and Chief Development Officer at HH&Y. “By sharing relevant and medically accurate information within these communities through trusted voices, patients will feel heard and connected. With our new model we can help our industry have better insight into these meaningful dialogues and an opportunity to speak to what actually matters to patients.”

    Havas Voice offers an individualized experience for patients and brands and will operate within HH&Y to serve as a resource for agencies across the entire network. “It’s all about unifying with patient communities to unleash their voices,” added Ponsoll, “so that the loud – yet unheard and unknown to health companies – are truly informing creative efforts and making our clients’ work better.”