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    Naomi Garcia

    Junior Studio Designer

    Havas Production Studios, New York

    The Fellowship program has been one of the best things to happen to me

    I started as a Studio Artist Fellow at the end of 2019 with Havas Production Studios (HPS). As a Fellow, I was expected to do a number of tasks, such as build mechanicals, make corrections to layouts, prep files to be ready for release, and much more.


    Being a Fellow, I had the opportunity to attend workshops and lectures throughout the program. Earlier this year, we met with our former CEO, Ron Pantello; the Group Editorial Director, Paula Sirois; and during quarantine, we had a virtual Project Management workshop. One of my favorite workshops we had was a virtual “Show ‘n’ Tell” where I was able to get to know some of the other Fellows on a more personal level. Another great workshop we had was a meet-and-greet panel. Two Fellows from another department and I were able to speak with a class of students who were currently in college. We answered questions they had, shared our experiences, and gave them advice on how to apply for the Fellowship.


    Halfway through my Fellowship, I was lucky enough to learn about Design while still working in Print Production. I temporarily moved to the night shift to learn all about PowerPoint and work with the Design team. During this time, I was taught to design and format PowerPoint presentations, create animations, create templates, and more.


    The Fellowship program has been one of the best things to happen to me. Every day, I was able to learn something new and perfect my skills. As a recent college graduate, one fears that they will not find a job right away or will be underqualified for their first job. Since the Fellowship program provides entry-level positions to teach us the ropes, I felt more at ease and less pressured because I was there to learn.


    HPS has been great and they have treated me as a part of the team since day one. I ask questions on a daily basis and everyone has been happy to answer them and teach me anything I need to know. I know I can fulfill my potential at HPS. I am now a Junior Studio Designer at Havas Production Studios thanks to the Fellowship program!

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