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    Patrick Kane

    Account Executive

    Havas Life Medicom, Thames Ditton

    I owe my life to the incredible doctors and nurses who saved me

    When I was nine months old, I contracted meningococcal septicaemia. I was extremely fortunate to survive and as I have gotten older, I have felt somewhat of an obligation to pursue a career in healthcare.


    I have always been acutely aware that I owe my life to the incredible doctors and nurses who saved me, as well as the science behind them. During school, I found myself naturally drawn to the sciences as they were able to explain what happened to me and how lives could be saved in the future.


    On the technology side of things, science also provided me with the bionic arm and prosthetic leg I wear today. This all led to me studying biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh, but I believe it has been my time spent as an ambassador for the UK Sepsis Trust which has made me realize the importance of effective communication for any healthcare organization to thrive, achieve its goals and, ultimately, save lives.


    Although I am fairly new here at Havas Life Medicom, I am excited about helping healthcare organizations thrive, and finally begin to give back to the industry to which I owe so much.

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