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    John Hackney

    CEO Europe

    Improving people’s health as part of their daily lives can be fun!

    John Hackney has been in the advertising, marketing and communications business for over 30 years, working with health-and-wellness clients of one type or another for most of that journey.


    He started in consumer advertising, but found that the most exciting and rewarding projects and clients were in the expanding consumer health sector – whether it was cholesterol – lowering butter alternatives or infant nutrition.


    John hit upon the idea that improving people’s health as part of their daily lives can be fun! That eventually led him to the “revelatory leap” into full health marketing around 12 years ago.


    To John, Human Purpose is all about striving for the betterment of mankind – collectively and individually. It is what motivates and drives people – personally, for their family and loved ones, and for their sense of community.


    He believes in the access to and democratization of health, for people to be able to play a leading part in the management of their own health and shape their own “health arc.”


    John feels the convergence of science, health technology, and communication channels that allow rich, “two-way dialogue” gives us an unprecedented opportunity to make that happen.  To his mind, Havas Health & You has the best talent, drive, and agility with which he can play a part.

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