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    Patrick Brindle

    GCO Program Lead

    finding an authentic voice and meaningful story

    As a member of the global leadership team, Patrick currently leads on Consumer Health and Wellness within Havas Health & You. A qualified pharmacist with 25+ years’ experience developing multi-market campaigns in the pharma, consumer health, and the corporate space, Patrick and his team most recently led the development and rollout of the Nutricia brand within Danone and Reimagining Medicine for Novartis.


    A highly regarded global brand lead, Patrick works at board level on down providing reputation advice and implementing transformational campaigns across markets and cultures for some of the biggest brands in health.


    An early pioneer in patient and HCP social media campaigns, Patrick is fascinated by the way healthcare is evolving and the opportunity it brings for the companies he works with to find an authentic voice and meaningful story.


    Outside of work, Patrick has now put away his DJ equipment and remixing decks and instead talks about his dog Bodie to anyone who might be interested (and even those who aren’t). His passion for music lives on in working with Universal Music Group on projects on Music and well-being.

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